RESCOM 2019 was a great success! We thank all speakers for their cutting edge vision talks, very exciting panel discussions, advanced courses and labs with hands-on tools. We all had great moments of scientific exchanges during the week! We also thank all participants with a special thought to PhD students who participated in the [poster session] contest! See [pictures of RESCOM 2019].

RESCOM 2019, Anglet, June 24-28


In recent years there has been an exponential growth in the number of systems based on both computer science and communication networks. Several factors have led to this growth, such as the availability of a wide variety of wireless radio technologies; the progress of cloud-based platforms, both for calculations and data handling; the miniaturization and drastic reduction of the costs of electronic equipment for embedded computing, to name a few. The current strong growth of the Internet of Things is a typical example of the successful convergence of these factors. When talking about the 5G consumer mobile networks, data centers and cloud, smart cities, connected objects of everyday life or for specific applications of surveillance, digital farming and connected farms, communicating and autonomous vehicles for our travels, humanoid robot doctors or teachers, network games for our leisure and even big data and the processing of large masses of data, communication networks are the indispensable support to these innovative applications. For many years, the ResCom Summer school has greatly contributed to the structuring and energizing of the French research community in communication networks. For the network research community, the size, the strong interactions among the various components, the complexity, the dynamics, the autonomy of these networks represent important challenges for their study and analysis. This requires both the modelling of networks and systems, as well as their implementation in a real or a simulated environment in order to be able to analyse their main characteristics, predict their behaviours at a large scale and evaluate their performance in extreme situations. ResCom 2019 is therefore intended to make quite varied communities interact around models and methods of network analysis: algorithms, distributed systems, communication networks, signal processing, automatic, operational research, formal techniques, queues modelling, numerical analysis methods, simulation, etc.

The school will address the following topics:

  • Network modelling for analysis: probabilistic models, numerical and analytical methods
  • Network modelling for performance evaluation: discrete event simulation, queues, and queue networks
  • Optimization in networks: graph-based models, optimization methods, formal methods
  • Emulation/implementation/experimentation in test platforms: National and International platforms
  • Tools for modelling and analysis

In order to enable doctoral students, practitioners and researchers:

  • To increase the sensitivity and scientific knowledge of the foundations associated with the analysis of systems and networks,
  • To familiarize with the tools and platforms offered by R&D projects at the National and International levels,
  • To meet for a week to exchange and discuss their respective research work and methodologies,
  • To develop synergies between research teams in order to initiate new joint research projects to pool skills and experiences.

The RESCOM school will be structured in the form of an alternation of vision talk, advanced classes, case studies and practical work sessions on software/tools/environments/platforms of interest with themes targeted by the school. This will be supplemented by young researchers sessions (in the form of short presentations and posters), as well as an evening devoted to a round table (a panel) of discussions on open problems led by confirmed researchers. We have defined a program with international speakers that we are sure you will like, and we look forward to seeing you all for a studious and friendly week around scientific exchanges!

Hope to see you soon!

On behalf of the RESCOM2019 Scientific Committee,
Hind Castel, Enrico Natalizio and Congduc Pham